GS 8 - photo input

I recently came across this issue for me. I used to put the images in the listings through the Image library button, then I localized the folder of my session, where images are ordered by specific number and it was super convenient - just select few images, click on it and they were imported into the listing. Now, such operation is not possible, or at least I can’t reach it. Only option that shows when I hit Add icon is Photos in Mac Os. I never used it before, and my whole workflow is based on Folders in Mac, but I was in a big hurry, so decided to try the Photos integration.

Didn’t like it at all. First, I took some good time dealing with import, waiting for GS to locate and synchronies the photos, but then, the experience is just drag and drop, not clicking on image to appear in the listing, which was a great option, when you make some order of your images. Secondly, I used the search box to find specific name (numbers) of my session. When I find the images, it was very frustrating that my selection disappears from the screen after I select an image and work with it. Then I had to go back to search box and do it all over again for the same item. I had around 70 listings to work with that day, so this function took a lot of time and effort from me.

Now I am using an open Folder over GS and just drag and drop, then manually rearrange the pictures, which is not the best option, but at least is stable. Wish I can use the “GarageSale’s Photo browser” (just saw it the name in a different topic), was working like a charm and I miss it very much. Thank you again for taking the time to look over my inquiry!

In the new Photo Library browser you can add folders, too! Just click on the triangle next to the “Photos” entry to close it, then drag and drop a desired folder to the area below the “Photos” entry.

The search field at the bottom worked for me as expected but maybe you’re doing something different (e.g. edit the image outside GarageSale?).

A nice feature is that you can enlarge the selected image by hitting return or space.

However, if you don’t like the current photo browser you can go back to the previous one by selecting “Use legacy image browser” in the GarageSale preferences > General.

Hope this helps,

I tried and added a Folder, should have guessed this myself. Works fine, just the “click on the image to add” option is not working here. I will check the legacy image browser too! Thank you so much! :blush:

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