GS 9 bug: in order section, second column width is not saved after quitting

this bug appeared in late GS 8 versions. I thought it depended on the older Sierra macOS, but it is still there in GS 9 with Monterey.
In few words, when you select a smart folder in order section and switch overview to list, the second column of the overview has truncated width. If you enlarge it and then quit GS, width is not saved and it will be again truncated after relaunching.
Hope this might be fixed.

Schermata 2022-05-11 alle 20.49.20

Thank you

Yes.I have seen this for quire some time.

Can not reproduce this here. Does it also happen if you select all columns in the table? Also the order is different from mine:

Reason why I am asking because the table resizes the first column if you resize the Window. Table should completely fill the room between left outline view and inspector on the right so this works properly.

I also see this issue.

Initial app launch, before resizing columns:

After column resizing:

After Quit app, relaunch app:


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