GS 9 Error message when trying to launch listing

In GS 9 I have 6 listings ready to launch. When I try to launch even one of them I get this error message: “Connection error. The request timed out.” I know GS is connected because all of the Attributes / Item Specifics are still available. This is new to me. Why is this happening? Thoughts?

I’ve been having spotty launches all day today myself. Sometimes an image server failing to log in, other times a “something bad happened” sort of ambiguous message from eBay. In my case though it was just 1/4 threads. When I re-tried things, another 3/4 would work and about 1/4 would fail again, and so on.

For me that sounds like a temporary eBay error. Maybe there is/was an issue with their servers that hopefully is fixed soon.

In GarageSale make sure you are up-to-date (version 9.0.5). Also, it can not hurt to refresh the eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

Regards, Kristian

You were right Kristian. This morning all six posted perfectly. Thank you for your advice.


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