GS 9: restart feature fails too many times

I finally went into the auto end and restart workflow, but this is quite a delusion until now. Too many listings are not restarted due to a not specified error (if I move mouse on red icon, no message appears). 184 listings on 256 only today. This is quite frustrating, because I have to manually restart them and it makes no sense if it should be done automatically. The Mac is left always on, with no monitor and I login remotely. I don’t know if it might help, I hope you could give me any information to catch and fix this bug.
Let me know.

Thank you

Today 671 listings failed: none was restarted! Very disappointed…

Here is a special version of GarageSale to writes logs messages into an “AutorestartLog.txt” file inside GarageSale’s library folder. Please use that version, and once you noticed several auto restarts having failed, please send us that new log file.

Hi Ilja,
thank you, just installed. I will let you know in one-two days as soon as next relists occur.

@ilja today 1140 listings failed to auto-restart, ZERO have been restarted !!!

AutorestartLog.txt (5.2 MB)

Could you give me the name of a listing that GarageSale should have been restarted, but did not.

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Thanks for the log file, but my first attempt did not provide enough information to see where exactly the error is originating from.

Could you please start using this version and send me the log file again once your next round of auto-restart fails:

Also, please again send me the name of a listing that you expected to have been re-listed.

Seeing what you have done Ilja, are we any closer to getting more information in the Activity Window?

We are thinking about adding a separate window for all the listing queued from GarageSale’s scheduler and the auto-restart mechanism.

It’s a little work, so don’t expect anything too soon, but we aren’t keen on reading through all those logs file to diagnose what went wrong either on Macs either. :wink:

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@ilja sorry for silence, my database partially got corrupted with over 2400 ghost listings appeared in randomly in folders. I had to switch off the auto end-relist process. Fortunately, none of active listings was missing, but I lost hours deleting manually one by one (because they cannot be moved to trash) and checking the number of active listings was the same.

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