GS Data Base still hangs

Hi Ilya
Thanks for you help in re-indexing my GS Db. It enabled me to get to the latest version.

However, it is still causing me problems. In particular hanging when accessing large groups and taking minutes to move a few items to the Trash.

Having duplicates which are both deleted if I try to delete only one of them.

I tied to re-build the DB but that does not work

I can still work within the data base but it can be painfully slow.

Can I perform any tasks/dumps etc to help you locate the problem(s).

Yes, the Sample command from Activity Viewer would be a good start.

Also, since I have your database now, what groups are are taking so long to access?

The Group is called DECEMBER AUC containing 2000+ items


That’s strange. I can click on the “DECEMBER AUC” group, and the table view populates instantly without any delay at al.

Do I need to do something else beside simply clicking on the group to trigger the delay?

Can you send a sample or spin dump recorded while you get the beach ball?


Can you make a screen capture movie of your exact steps and send it to Ilja???

Maybe that would help…


I can Neal but it is pretty straight forward.

  1. Select group name to populate RH window.
  2. Select a number of items in RH window.
  3. Right mouse and select delete listing…from drop down menu.
  4. Now it hangs.


I tried it with 300 listings and the process took about 2 seconds. Not great, but not too bad either.

A Spindump or Sample file from your machine would be interesting to see.


I was wondering if it was worth investigating this problem for me before going any further. May solve a few problems.

It is this issue of having “two” items seemingly sharing the same index (possibly).

In the first image below, this is a discrepancy count of 47 items. I suspect these are all double-indexed in some way.

The next two screen shots expand on this problem with a single instance of the “duplicate”

And the fourth & fifth screen shot shows that removing one of the duplicates, removes both copies:

You should find plenty of instances of this in the database you already have.

Regards david

Hi Ilja

Don’t look any further into my problems just at the moment.

I have been clearing out a few “odd” items and I may have jagged it.

My DB is literally flying along now. Hope it lasts.


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