GS Database "downgrade"

Hi all :smile:

I’ve briefly searched the forum, but found no solution, which probably means that I missed it. That’s what always happens, but before I put too much effort into a bad solution, I thought I’d ask :slight_smile: Here goes…

I originally used GS on an iMac running 10.7. This machine needed a new video card, so I migrated the data to a Mini running 10.9. At some point, I guess I upgraded GS on the mini, doing the database conversion and and all that good stuff.

Well, six or so months later, I pull the video card and send it off for repair. To my surprise, it works and the iMac is back up and running :slight_smile:

So, I go to transfer the database from the Mini to the iMac and the older version of GS can’t read it. Upgrading GS in the iMac does no good, as the latest version won’t run on 10.7 :frowning:

That being said, is it possible to fix the problem with GS (tinkering with the database or something)? Or is the easier solution simply to update the iMac to Yosemite?


Hi Jason,

if supported by your hardware the better solution is to upgrade to Yosemite, of course.

You could then use the latest version of GarageSale on all your Macs.

Regards, Kristian