GS Event Scheduler 7.0.4

There is a logic issue when scheduling a group of listings which are not in the default eBay account. We have 3 eBay accounts set up in GS. There is no way to enter the eBay account when you create an event, so it sets them up with the default eBay account; then it begins verifying automatically and generates errors for every listing since they are set up in an eBay account different from the default. I suggested previously that you eliminate the automatic verification of listings when scheduled events are created. This would solve this problem. The way it should work is after an event is set up in the scheduler, the event should display as it does now but no further action taken. When subsequently enabling the event there should be two options: 1) Enable without verification and 2) Verify prior to enabling.

We schedule an event for each day of the month containing from 300-500 listings. The listings do not require verification since nothing changed from the previous listing of the items. It is painful enough to have to wait for GS to duplicate the listings and move the originals to the Deleted folder (12,000 times each month) prior to generating the scheduler event and adding the verification process simply exasperates the situation.

I believe I have suggested a reasonable solution above and will greatly appreciate its implementation.

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