GS not updating listings or orders

I have a new Mac, I transferred the folder within containers into the correct location and I can now view all of my listings and orders but they haven’t updated since the move. I have tried updating via the menus, I have tried restarting, I have checked my firewall and I have disabled any connection blocking software. I don’t want to list anything new as I may have to go back to my old computer if this can’t be resolved. I’m basically stuck in limbo!

Any ideas??

Have you tried refreshing your eBay account token in GarageSale’s preferences?

Yes I have refreshed the token.

Do you at least see a fee shown for your listings prior to uploading to eBay?

No, it’s not showing a fee and when I go to preferences it is not displaying my user name even after a refreshed access token.

I guess, there’s an issue with your account/token. You need to remove your account from the GarageSale preferences and then re-add it afterwards.

Regards, Kristian

Great that seems to have worked. Thanks for your help.

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