GS Picture Service - "Time Out loading"

Running 9.3 (1516)

For some time now I have been getting lots of:

Invariably, there is nothing wrong with the listing.

If there are one or two then it not a problem to follow the link and start the listing.

However, it is a bit time consuming with a dozen or more. Is it possible to have a link to the original listing so it can be started from Launch Control? Or a button to start them all at once?


I just tested it here and started a listing using GarageSale’s image hosting service. It uploaded without a problem, so I assume this is a temporary problem you had?

Thanks Kristian
It occurs when there are 100s of listings launched at the same time.

This one was 11 days ago.

It has been happing for as long as I can remember.


My only guess is that your internet connection is too slow and/or your amount of images too high and/or your images too large – and thus causing the timeouts.

It’s worth a try to reduce the max number of listings started at the same time.

Internet is good 50mbs, Kristian. No problems with other applications.

My images are large, typically a number of Mbs each, but generally only two images per listing. That is what eBay prefers.

Not possible to reduce the number of items that start at the same time. There are not enough minutes in the day.

My original request still stands and I am interested to know what GS Support thinks about it.


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As you are trying to Uploadthe image, what is your upload speed?

Ah, yes. I quoted download speed. Upload speed is 20mbs

Seems it has fixed itself. NO problems today. did something change go the GS server?

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