GS Reports speed

yesterday I created a sale report and I stated that speed is more than slow, it is almost impossible to use. Just moving throughout the page blocks the app and the spinning ball appears. Anyway, maybe it is because of the hight number of listings. So, why do you insert in report also those listings without any fee and/or hammered price? I think it would be easier to add only those items sold or with a listing fee… don’t you think so?

Thank you in advance

GarageSale has to search through a listings anyway. Just leaving out the ones without a fee wouldn’t improve performance, as GarageSale still would need to load it form disk and determine whether to include or not.

Having said that, it will still be helpful to know what’s taking so long on your Mac. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch GarageSale if you don’t have it already running

  2. Open the Terminal utiliy (under /Application/Utilities)

  3. paste the following line into the Terminal window and press return:

    sudo spindump GarageSale 120 -onlytarget -file ~/GarageSale-spindump.txt

  4. Enter your account’s password so spin dump can connect to the GarageSale process

  5. You now have 2 minutes to work with GarageSale and trigger a beach ball (update Reports)

  6. After this period, you should see something like this in the Terminal:

    Sampling completed, processing symbols...
    Spindump analysis written to file /Users/<your username>/GarageSale-spindump.txt
  1. Please send us the file GarageSale-spindump.txt from your account’s home directory


I did it, I trigged many spinning ball, not only for the report (but it was the longest, around 12 seconds). So… I try to do 2 different files, one with multiple spinning balls and the second one only for one spinning ball in report section. I hope it will help.

@ilja @fedege96

FYI, I started working on my listings without images and it’s making my life easier. At this point I don’t have money to get a new MAC or upgrade it. Editing the listings without images is helping a ton. I will only add the images once those listings are fully done.