GS stuck on Generating Preview [solved] needs fixing!

Hi. I am traveling today and had planned on working throughout but I cannot get past the Generating Preview screen.

I have refreshed the token on both accounts. I had thought it was because I was off line but connected through my phone hotspot and it made no difference. This is going to be a long, wasted day if I can’t get work done. Any help?

I also restarted GS and rebooted the computer.


Well, 8 hours later and still stuck on generating preview. Whole day of work lost and several hours of travel yet to go…

Could you let us know which version of GarageSale you have installed? (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

Does it make a difference if you update the eBay category data manually by clicking on the sprocket icon in the category browser?

You should also check (besides updated tokens):
• Is there anything non-standard about the way you access the internet?
• Do you use any tools that could block the network (LittleSnitch, MacKeeper,…)?
• Do you use a custom design template?
• Does it work with a newly created listing?

Please check the Console utility (under /Applications/Utilities) for output from
GarageSale when the Preview refuses to load.
Here are more detailed instructions:

  1. Open the application “Console” located in Applications/Utilities. (You can also simply use the Spotlight search to find/open “Console”.)
  2. Put “GarageSale” into the filter field in the upper right corner. (Without the quotes) The “filter” field looks like a search field.
  3. In the left sidebar select “system.log”.
  4. In GarageSale try to open the Preview and also update the eBay category data.
  5. In the “Console” utility select all the lines and then copy them (to copy it just select “Copy” from the “Edit” menu)
  6. Send us the copied text. (to paste it just select “Paste” from the “Edit” menu)

Regards, Kristian

Okay, so apparently GS needs to update categories periodically. That is fine but it shouldn’t render the program useless if you are offline. Connecting to a hotspot did not solve the problem.

The program had been open for several days but my computer closed overnight. I opened the computer to work and GS was stuck generating preview. I waited for 40 minutes for it to resolve, re-booting the computer in the meantime.

To fix I had to close the program, connect to hotspot, then re-open GS. Connecting to WiFi without closing the program first did not work. Afterward it updated the categories and the preview pane opened. This should not have been necessary and a loss of 9 hours of potential work time. It should detect there is no connection and carry on. Sometimes there is no internet, like while stuck in your car waiting for hours but can’t get out just in case, because the broken ferry may be ready at any minute…

Okay rant over, but that sucked. :triumph:

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