GS7 Cannot add image or revise description on auction w/bid - GS 6.9 also

GS 7.0 b43
GS 6.9.8
OS X 10.11.5
eBay image hosting

Based on user questions, I had a need to update the item description and add a new image to a running auction that had a single bid. (The auction had five existing images and I wanted to add a sixth.) I was unable to modify the item description or add an additional image through GS 7, GS 6.9.8 or directly through the eBay “Revise your item” interface. Even though the item had one bid, eBay’s terms do allow adding images and updating the description at the time I was attempting to do so.

What I observed is that even directly through the eBay auction interface it was not possible to update/modify the description or add an image. The existing description seemed to appear as a single monolithic element - possibly even attached to the auction title. However, I was able to upload the additional image and it appeared to be successful. When I previewed the revision though, the newly added image was not displayed. And when I attempted to finalize the submission, it was rejected.

Through GarageSale, the revisions seemed to appear to eBay to be an attempt to modify elements of the listing that were not editable at that point. I am certain I had set GarageSale to revise only the image and/or description within the allowable time frame.

I noticed there were a handful of questions along these same lines in the forum, but nothing for GS 7 or that highlighted the additional image issue.

Any explanation or solution would be helpful.