GS7 & Catalina Compatability

Im thinking about going from High Seirra to Catalina. Im using GS 7.0.20 and its working great. Im seeing lots of problems pop up with GS8. My father had to upgrage to GS8 after he installed Mohave. GS 7 just kept crashing on him and he lost his old database because it got corrupted somehow.

What are the headaches I should look forward to by upgrading to Catalina and wanting to use my current garagesale.

GarageSale 7 and GarageSale 8 should both run fine under macOS Catalina.

–> Make sure you’re using the latest version of GarageSale 7 (version 7.0.21). If you’re using a version older than 7.0.18, GarageSale might crash on start (caused by eBay sending us data in a format we didn’t expect).

Regards, Kristian

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