GS7: Erased deleted listings still found by Smart Group

In GS 7.0.3, Deleted Listings shows 0 items, because I just intentionally selected “Erase deleted listings…”. There are also no unsold items anywhere in my visible database at the moment.

However, a Smart Group showing listings showing listings where

"Status" "is" "Ended unsuccessfully"

Shows 11292 listings.

I suspect at least some of the sluggishness I’ve been experiencing since upgrading might be due to the ridiculously large number of phantom items. Is there a way to clean up or repair the database?

That’s odd. Does the number of items in the smart group get corrected when you open the smart group editor window and close it with the “OK” button?

No. And the total number of items showing is several times larger than the total items I can see in all other folders.

My guess is that there’s something wrong with that particular smart group. Can you please post a screenshot of its rule set so we can try to replicate the issue?

It is literally only what I described:

  • ALL of the following:
    1. Status is “Ended unsuccessfully”

(the end)

There is absolutely nothing else.

Could it be looking in my GS6 db somehow?

No, GarageSale 7 doesn’t know how to read your GarageSale 6 library. There is a special import utility that’s run on first start only and during file imports.

Any chance you could send me your library again via Dropbox? Do you still have the instruction I sent you last time?

Aha. Problem solved: I did not realize that every completed auction for the last 90 days was tucked inside a folder inside Imported Listings. As I understood Imported Auctions from GS6, it only downloaded auctions it found that were not in my db. So I assumed the 4 items I was seeing in that were actually four items, not the 12000 completed auctions from the last 90 days.

Really, the interface problem is this: the number of items shown in a folder should be calculated recursively. Otherwise, it’s very easy to miss large numbers of items nested inside subfolders.

Hmm, that we would need to cache to number of recursive subitems per group. :thinking:

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