GS7 feature request for better workflow

First, you guys are doing a wonderful job. attached is

self explanatory

Thanks for the feedback.

There is already an “Item Cost” field that holds the amount you have acquired the item for. Maybe that already does what you want.

The remaining quantity field and a link the the inventory item probably make more sense right next tot he SKU field. What do you think?

You have 3 fields in Inventory that are necessary for reference. `Without these you cannot complete a auction

  1. Item cost - which is already there
  2. Item Price- you need to add
  3. Item Quantity- you need to add

additionally, a button to open inventory item from advance settings. These I would consider a minimum coding requirement as they fundamentally add to the workflow and design.

Consider this, I am always going back and forth from inventory to auction template to verify my HTML coding is correct.

An optional idea, if it doesnt add too much recoding is auto populate the buy it now price (IF) inventory price is present or validate with a check box

I hope this adds some clarity :smile:

I would place all inventory fields (cost, price, qty) in one group section, yes next to SKU.
BUT…I would relocate everything to the options tab