GS7 Not Social Media (Twitter/Facebook) low yearly sale numbers, HELP

Dear GS team,

When will the social media tools become available?
Social Media are really important marketing tools. Last year I was using GS6 and constantly pushing things to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. My sales were much better than this year.

We need social media :frowning:

I’m willing to pay a fee for it, please bring the auto-post feature back. It was one of those greatest things to have.
I might have to go back to GS6 next year until that feature comes back to GS7, I rather have the sales than the shiny new features.

Thank you.

It sounds interesting…

Posting your items for sale online is one step to selling marketing that listing with Social Media or Online ads is what brings the sales. All the big boys do it.

Manually promoting everyone one of your eBay listings on your social media account and simply time consuming.
Promoting items on social media gets you more eyeballs, plus the repostings by people who like your item, but not need to purchase it, leads to new unfounded buyers.

Social media is huge, advertising is better but advertising is not free and it’s definitely not cheap at all.

Hello @vintagecrave ,
yes I can image how much useful a similar function would be, it sounded interesting because I never tried it when I was using GS6… it is some months I am planning to move to other social and of course, listing both to eBay and Facebook or other similar sites would be super… maybe, it is work in progress :slight_smile:

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