GS7 Orders/Messages improvement needed - Sort and Timing filters

Good day - this is the second time I have requested this. In GS7 Orders - the sort is gray’d out. so in my waiting for feedback smart group I have 583 orders that I can’t sort by date. There is no ability to limit smart groups by date (last 30 days etc).

I need this to only send feedback requests to people who haven’t already left feedback. - Or someone explain how to set this up.

38 PM

Sorry, keeping smart group sorted is not in GarageSale 7.

It requires big changes to GarageSale, since we need to make sure to not block GarageSale while it is loading all items in the smart group from disk into memory to establish the sort order. Probably in GS 8 which is currently in the works.

In the meantime, you can temporarily sort smart group items by click on a column title in table overview mode:

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