GS7 - Relisting Causes Crashes Again and Again

I have submitted these over and over and there doesn’t seem to be any fix in version after version.

Can you please review why every time I select multiple items to resist, GS will begin, resist several and then crash. Check how many reports are coming in from me. Has to be 20 in the last couple weeks.


The good news is that we believe to have fixed to root cause of this crash. The bad news is that the fix is only available in GarageSale 8. I tried to isolate the fix and port it back to GS 7, but the it relies on code features only available in GS8, which cannot easily be back ported to GS 7.

I’ll send you an invite to the GarageSale 8 testers groups.

Yes, Good news and bad news. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? What is different about my listings that is causing this crash ALL the time. It is almost not usable. I have to list 2, crash, List another etc. .


I’m a bit confused about this post. From what I understand you can’t ‘relist’ a template in GS7.

You have to copy the old one and ‘list it’ that’s not exactly relisting. What am I missing here?

This bug depends is triggered by the system freeing up memory under certain conditions. Depending on your Mac and your usage pattern, it seem you are running into very often.

The best option would be to use the GarageSale 8 beta from the link I sent you.

You can relist an ended listing in GarageSale. The only difference to GS 6 is that a new listing object is automatically created, which points to the newly listed item on eBay

If you duplicate a listing first, you can only start it regularly, thus losing any benefits from using re-list command.

Ok , well that confused me - I made a thread a few weeks ago about this, and I got the impression you couldn’t ‘relist’ you had to duplicate within the GS… I guess I wasn’t clear about my problem - as you told me I had to duplicate a file to list it. -" However, you can easily relist them by selecting the Relist command from the “More” button in the toolbar. GarageSale will then create a duplicate of the listing." - I re-read it so now I get it… lol . sorry for my reundancy and weird questions but some things changed drastically in GS , which I could use with my eyes closed until version 7. LOL … so now it’s just a bit of a curve to get used to this. But seems to work fine and I’m not having the program crash like previous versions.

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