GS7 smart groups. How to use them to relist ended auctions?

I have a smart group for status unsold. When a item ends unsuccessfully it moves into this smart group. But if I have a qty of 5 and sell 3, the item ends and is green for sold. It will not join my smart group. I have to use my eBay unsold not relisted screen to find out what to relist.

Anyone have success or tips on how to best know what to relist using smart groups?

What about using the auto-relist feature?

I have not tried to use the auto relist feature yet. I may try this, but when I relist auctions is a good time for me to review the auction and decide whether or not to change the price etc.

It would be nice if you could smart group filter or search on quantity remaining.

It would be so useful a sort of auto-discount feature like a % discount after each relisting :innocent:

Have you played around with ‘quantity greater than 1’? Perhaps use this to create a smart folder to flag possible problems, or as the top line on some of your current smart folders.

I have tried using the qty, but the qty in Garagesale 7 is tied to the original quantity listed not the Qty Sold, Qty Left.

iwascoding - Can we get a smart group filter based on Qty Left on the Live tab? I think this would work.


There must be some issue with quantity in smart group. I already reported it in the other thread, I hope it will be fixed soon because I use them as @Mybaytoyou and would be very useful if it worked…

When defining a smart group, you can add rules for “Quantity Sold” or “Quantity”, which refers to the originally listed quantity. Have you tried setting up your smart group with a “Quantity Sold” rule?

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This is my latest attempt - But it still contains listings that ended with no qty left. I believe a solve would be a smart group Filter for Quantity Left.

Qty Sold >=1
Status = Ended Successfully
Qty >1

Request for “Quantity Left” smart group rule noted. :slight_smile:

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