GS7 Too busy to quit

In reference to the following message from GS when quitting:

The activity viewer shows the issue.

What are my options to speed this up with 16,500 items and still growing?

@davidelliott you can close without any trouble, GS is only updating listings, it is not relisting. It’s different the activity that you should not stop, looks like these:

Anyway, how is that possible that I have half of your listings and have almost a double number of pages?? @ilja !!

If I knew what a page represented I would tell you. Is it the page size you use to view on Ebay? Mine is set to 200. Yours could be set lower? No idea really. Just a stab in the dark.

Regards David

Mmmh really have no idea what that page is… 200 also in my ebay. Maybe @ilja can tell us

The page size GarageSale uses for downloading listings states is unrelated to the page size you are using on the eBay webpage.

Right now, GarageSale downloads listing states in chunks of 50 listings per page. If you guys want to experiment with that value, here is a version that allows for that:

In this version, you can change the page size to 200, the maximum value allowed by eBay, using this command in the terminal:

defaults write com.iwascoding.garagesale7 getSellerListPageSize -int 200

Please restart GarageSale after having changed the page size with the terminal.

It would be interesting to know how much a bigger page size does speed up the overall process for you. So, if you could time the process for page size of 50 and 200 with a stop watch, please share your measurements. (If that process is too long, you could measure the time for downloading 10 pages with each page size and extrapolate from there).

Keep in mind that we intentionally set the default value of 50 to prevent any beach balling when GarageSale is processing the data. This could be an issue again when you quadruple the amount of data GarageSale has to chew in one go.

Will give a go later.


Great @ilja, thank you so much for your effort! I am away for work now, I will give you a reply as soon as I can try, hopefully within this weekend.

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