GS7 verification is very slow

I typically list between 100 & 500 items at a time. In GS6, verifying 500 items might take a while, but never more than 20 minutes or so. In GS 7.0.3, I am getting a beachball whenever I try to “start” more than about 100 items, everything slows to a crawl, UI events no longer update, and in many cases the verification process kills other scheduled listings, apparently by interfering with image ftp.

When I have managed to verify 100+ items all at once, it has taken more than an hour. I cannot imagine what 500 items would take, because I have to Force Quit the app because it is so unresponsive when I try.

I have had the same issue when trying to verify many 100s of items at once. I get the spinning ball then force quit and verify in smaller batches.
Have not had an issue listing many 100s once they have been verified first.

I just looked into this, and the error table view in the Launch Control window was updated too often. Here is a version that reduces the number of redraws, which should fix the stalling when verifying a lot of listings:

Please let me know if this version works better for you.

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