GTC are not updating

Each day I open the program its not updating my GTC items on GS? Only some of my listings are black stating that have come down off of Ebay but when I check to see if they are still up on my store and they ARE? Very confused… I have tried to update the listings on GS and NOTHING, still black?

Please help

Does the issues correct itself once your choose “Updating All Listing States” from the Listings menu?

GS works perfectly with GTC as far as I can tell. At first I noticed that a specific listing showed as expired in GS and continued to appear as expired for awhile - then when I did a manual update, GS picked up the re-listed item and showed it as listed, with all the correct data re the original listing date, etc. Now the only problem is to get eBay to stop the automatic GTC re-listing process and give us at least one duration option that will expire without their interference.

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