GTC listings showing as ended even though they are still running

After some issues with GS I have had to import all active listings from eBay to rebuild all the listings. This had to be done as uploading imported templates back to eBay makes them none compatible with mobile platforms. Anyway, all my variation items are GTC, but are showing as grey like they have ended, or green where quantities have been sold. I thought that if a listings was GTC it would show in GS as blue or green until it had totally sold out. All the GTC just renewed for the month showing as finished in ‘Live View’ but are still clearly listed in the live view window and active on eBay. Is there a way to get the true status of the listings reset without having to relist?

Can you please export such a listing and post it here?

I have the same problem, solid grey icon but listing still active also if I use live view… if I click on the update button it changes and returns correctly blue…

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