Had an accident listings dont show up as running.. problem now solved. WOW

I had just listed about half of the books on one shelf (of my ebay storage items under my house), by dis-continus selection, and they came up the the cyanish ebay icon ahead of them…

then I tried to right click on the folder, and sort by state, of what running and what not. but it seems I either let go of the mouse too soon, or whay I selected “Sort by State” was not active yet (th ebeach-ball was running)

now they all look like Unlisted auctions…

is there anyway to re-link in the listing process to get that cyan ebay flag showing again…???

regards, Sandy

Hi Sandy,

if not done already, can you please try if selecting “Update All Listings” from the Listing menu helps?

Regards, Kristian

gave that a try, but no luck.

(When the verification process came up and that yellow rocket icon. I knew then I had selected the wrong menu by right clicking, and cancelled, but it seems that by then the damag (and Links?) were done…)

serves me right in trying to work fast… my own fault.



That’s most likely not your fault. You are probably running into some kind of GarageSale bug, or a write to your database failed for unknown reason.

Do you have a TimeMachine backup your could revert GarageSale’s library folder from the time before this happened? If so, this would be the least painful way to correct the state of your listings.

If not, there are two other options coming to mind:

  1. Delete the listings with the invalid state from GarageSale, empty the trash, and re-import the running listings using the “Import from My eBay command”. The downside is the it’s very hard to make revisions to the newly imported listings, since your listing description, your images, and GarageSale’s design are all mangled together one big piece of HTML. But otherwise the process is pretty quick.

  2. You can link running listings on eBay with listings in GarageSale. You need to to drag each running listing from the “Import from My eBay” panel to the inspector window to the area where the listing id should be shown. This will take a while, but you’ll still be able to make revisions to your listings form within in GarageSale.

In the end it comes down how likely it it that you’ll need to revise those listings.


thanks for the info… i will give it a try… but very technical for me…

regards, Sandy

Tried but did not come up with the cyan ebay icon…
compared to how many listings I have to run, this percentage is small, so I can live with that…
regards, Sandy

Hi Sandy,

you maybe want to “re-link” the listings in questions with the active ones from eBay.

To do this invoke the “Import from eBay” command. Don’t import any listing there, just drag the desired listing from the “Import from eBay” panel to the arrow icon next to the Item Number field in the Live inspector to link listings in GarageSale with listings on eBay.

This animation shows how to do it:

However, this is a bit tedious if you need to do this for a bunch of listings.
Regards, Kristian

Hi, thanks again for the reply. did not work for me, as I kept on getting a strange message below.


and I wonderd WHY… so I searced for the item, withing Garagesale, and found it complete with it cyan ebay icon in the “Deleted Listings” garbage pail… (it seems that when the preflight started to verify the listing, even though it had already been listed and running, it then moved the active auction to the trash… where I found it…)

I then selected and dragged all of them all the way up to the folder (for the ebay items shelf, in my rack system) and Now they are back, and aparently linked and running… WOW. see at bottom.

thank heavens I had not deleted or emptied that bin for some time…

I then sorted by name, not state, and now I only have to delete the non active duplicate ones, and can finally see the remaining auctions in that folder that I did not yet list.

so everything is working and I am very very happy again. (learn something new about garagesale every time)

also a great thank you for the, again, Fantastic support, for answering and trying to help me with a small trivial problem… said it before and say it again. best product support I have ever had in all my years of computing…

keep up the great work, regards from a rather chilly Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. Sandy.


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