Handbag Design from the Design Store


I purchased the Handbag design from the store and use it a lot. Unfortunately it now isn’t working properly, where the price should be I get a long SDB Proxy code line appear. This may have occurred since the upgrade? Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

Thanks in advance


I guess, you’re referring to GarageSale 7?

We’ll have a look at this issue. For now you might want to disable the price label by checking “Hide Price Label” in the Properties Inspector.

Regards, Kristian

Hello there,

yes in GS. Thanks :slight_smile:


an updated version of the “Handbag” design is available now. To download the latest version, open the “Design Template” window from the Window menu. Click on the cart icon there and enter your transaction ID to start the download of the new version (3.1).

If you’ve lost your transaction ID, please contact our support and add a link to this post.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks I will do this, thanks again for your excellent support, regards, Lee :slight_smile:

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