Help, cannot publish an edited live listing

Hi there,
Please help me, im new at this. I imported my active listings from ebay to GarageSale. I then chose a template, made my changes and cannot find how to publish it. The only option I can see is duplicating it and making a new listing, thus paying fees and loosing my stats. Am i doing something wrong?

Try this:
In the top middle of the GS window is a small box with 3 dots. Click on this and select ‘revise listing’


I did that, unfortunately it didn’t work

Can you be more specific what didn’t work exactly?

i pressed revise listing and the theme wasnt updated. it was still how i had it before

Ive got it working! There were a couple of errors, i had to update business policies on ebay and fix a couple of pictures. After that i pressed revise and it worked! Thanks everyone for your help