HELP GarageSalePictureService: Wrong Response ((null))

I keep getting the above message and I have to keep trying over & over to upload my photos…The scheduler doesn’t work without me babysitting it…HELP!


all systems works fine here. Can you tell me which IP you have while you are getting this error:

Which version of GarageSale do you use?


I don’t believe it is safe to share my IP address …The version of garage sale we are using is
GarageSale 7.0.16b3 (840)

I had to upload each auction last night with the free Garage Sale photo storage off and then revise it with it on for the photos to upload in the larger format…I often take more than 12 photos so I really do need to use the Garage sale photo service…


sorry, without the IP address I am not able to find your (failing) requests in the logs. You can send me the IP in a private message if that makes it safe enough for you.


I will think about that…I have Flash disabled…Can that be the issue?

Flash shouldn’t have anything to do with this issue.
You can send the IP address to the GarageSale support directly if you don’t want to use the forum system.

Regards, Kristian

I sent you it via your email support

I was hoping to get this figured out before I have to upload tonight…Thanks!

Sorry, but the request did not reach our server at all as I could not find your IP in our logs.

What kind of internet connection do you have?
Did the upload of images to our server work in the past?
Did you change anything recently in the way your internet connection works?
Do you use any kind of firewall or proxy?


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