Help in Editing a template

Hi - i’ve just upgraded to GS7, specifically for the use of the GS Scout app as I have 1000s of individual items (often stored away from my main base) and this would solve the photo taking issue perfectly.

I am using the Spotlight template, so whenever I import the Scout listings they are applied with all the setting I want except for one thing - the text in the listing is the generic Garagesale latin. The text I want in every listing is exactly the same for every listing, but I cannot find any way in GS7 of ammending the template with new desrciption text and saving it so it applies to every listing I import from Scout.

Is this something which can be done (even been in around the html of the template - no html expert - but cannot see where it pulls the description text from. Been at this for 3 days and getting very frustrated so any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Converse,

GarageSale will always try to import the description from your listings created in GarageSale Scout - even if there’s no description entered.

I think, the only workaround for you is this:
• In GarageSale 7 create a new Text snippet that contains your description text. Name it e.g. “text”
• Now enter the placeholder for this text snippet in the “Notes” field in your listings in GarageSale Scout: {{textblocks.text}}
(Type it once, then copy and paste it)
• If you import the listings from Scout to GarageSale 7, the listings will contain the placeholder for the text snippet.

Regards, Kristian

Many thanks for that Kristian, I’ll give that a try this evening.

Thanks again.

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