Helpful programs to use with Garage Sale // Time saving shortcuts!

Hey guys I highly recommend that you use Pop Clip and Copy Clip if you use Garage Sale regularly. I’m not affiliated with either company at all but think it will help people with large listings.

Popclip will allow you to modify your text very easily. Say you need to make a whole sentence or paragraph capital case or you just want the first letter of every word to be capital. I use this often when writing titles for my listings.

Copy clip is freaking brilliant for use with GS7!! Many of us have a certain set of repeated info we use when we create listings and it’s insane we manually type everything out. With copyclip u can save the info to your clipboard and you don’t have to type. You can essentially do all of your listings with a few clicks. Unfortunately the shortcuts don’t work because GS7 uses the same shortcuts for its system (command + number key) but all you have to do is double click what you save and it automatically pops up where u would normally be typing.

Please have a look. You can really save yourself a ton of time from typing. Also please add to this thread if you have other shortcuts to share.

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Regarding Copyclip, GS already has this functionality baked in. Check out Window > Show Text Snippets.

Very interesting…

I use ‘Clean Text for Mac’ for changing sentence case, changing capitols, or stripping out weird characters. It works from the Finders top menu bar. Always available and very fast and easy to use.
Yes, don’t type the same thing over and over. Use the built-in text snippets of GS.

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I never knew about the snippets thing in GS. Gonna check it out.

Also will note upgrading your computer to an solid state drive will VASTLY improve the performance and speed of garage sale. I recently upgraded and it runs at least 5 to 6x as fast if not more.

Anybody else have shortcuts or tips?

I entered the snippets, how do I get them to post in the description?

Some details about Text Snippets are available in the help here:

Also, some general tips are listed in FAQ #21 here:

Regards, Kristian

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