How can I send invoices with GS?

I need your help since I don’t understand how to send invoices to customers as I can do on eBay. For example, if someone buy 2 different items is it possible to send a combined order invoice using GS and not going on eBay?

Thank you for your help

Sorry, combining several orders into a single invoice is not supported at the moment. But I added your request to our ToDO list.

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Hello Ilja,
thank you, this is a very important feature, I hope you will add it soon.
I noticed that multiple orders are not well supported. I have just found a little problem for this. Someone bought from me 2 items, I sent him an invoice from ebay and in order section of GS I noticed that in left side bar a “+1” appeared near his purchase. Then, when I marked it as shipped from GS, it told me I cannot do the same thing on two order contemporary (it was in italian), however it was marked as shipped anyway. However now I have three orders in left side bar, one with that “+1” and other 2 with single purchased items (the “+1” order takes them together).

Did you combine these two items into a single order on the eBay website? It does sound like it, but I wanted to make sure before filling a bug report in our system.

I did exactly as you said!

I have another bad news concerning this problem :sob:

I have just checked my first monthly report for may since I noticed that the total amount (sold prices) was too hight. Well, I discovered that the same multiple order I told you about some days ago is added two times in “final price”… that’s not all! It is also double as “quantity purchased”, in fact it is 21 instead of 19…

Thanks for the update. We are trying to come up with a fix. The hard part recognizing when orders were combined and remove the original orders.