How do I generate a report of currently available items with SKU?

I would like to generate a report of all of my current templates that includes the SKU numbers that I have assigned. How do I generate such a report?

Any help from the crowd on how to generate this report? Thanks

I don’t think that including the SKU in reports is possible at the moment. I added your request to our TODO list for inclusion in a future version.


you can add the SKU as a column when you select “SKU” in the “View Options” table in the inspector. Is this what you are looking for?


HI Paul, Thanks for the info. It helps but what I really wish to do is create a report of all of my templates with a column for SKU, rather than a report of my listings for a specific time period. I run both auctions and buy it now, so in any given time period, some items will have been listed multiple times. I have a lot of inventory that looks quite similar, so when I reconcile, it would be great to have a list of item name and SKU in spreadsheet form rather than clicking through my listings one by one. More info like listing price and package weight would be nice too! I heard back from Ilja Iwas that it isn’t currently available, but if you have other ideas, I’d be very appreciative.

Thanks again,

Hi Beth,

a workaround might be this:
In Listing mode select all your listings in question at once. This will open the Overview mode. Make sure that the table overview mode is selected. There you can select “SKU” as an option in the table header (and unselect unneeded options).
You can’t export it though.

Regards, Kristian

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