How do i import photos from the updated Photo program?

how do i use the new Photos with garagesale? i have several hundred photos to upload… please HELP

Please version 6.9.4 Beta 1 a try:

Hi, i downloaded it, but now it asks me drag the icon to the app folder, the app shows up on my bottom toolbar…what am i supposed to do once i have the downloaded file on my screen? i don’t recall this happening before…thanks

i’m still not able to drag photos from the new “Photos” app into garagesale template …i was able to do this with iPhoto … the reason i have to do it this way is because whenever i EDIT photos in iPhoto the changes are not reflected in Garagesale > Media browser …you basically have to quit both programs and restart to see the new versions of the photos …to work around this i just drag directly from iphoto to garagesale …another weird thing you never could drag just one photo it has to be 2 or more …please release an update that allows to drag into garagesale from the new “photos” app

Have you given the Media Window in version 6.9.4 final a try?

It takes a while to load, but your should be able to drag “Photos” photos from that window in your GarageSale template.

I can drag from media window WITHIN garagesale …but not directly from the “Photos” app in 6.9.4

The pictures are not pulled up in the same order in garage sale as they are saved in the photos app on my mac. It is very hard to look through 100 photos and make sure that the right photos are in the right auction.

I’m not sure I get what you are saying:

So when you select a couple of photos in the Media Browser, drag them to a template, the order of the images in the template is not the same as it was in the Media Browser window?

For example, I take a picture of book, front, back and inside, then i take a picture of another book, front back and inside. put it in photos, label the album. I open up garage sale, start a new template(auction) click on the media button. the photos show up on the left side window, i click the album i want and the pictures have been rearranged. I have to search through all of the pictures to find the ones that go with each book. They are not in the order they were taken or put into photos. They are out of order. As you can imagine, with over 100 photos it is almost impossible to manage. Thanks for fixing this.

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Hi, could please send in a screen shot file (press command-shift-3 or command-shift-4 for a certain area) to show how the order in the Media Browser window differs from the order in Photos.

Are there any sorting option in Photos active, that might change the sorting order

Hi, I sent 2 emails with the screen shot from garage sale and screen shot from the photos app. I am going to try to attach them here as well. you can see the difference in the numbers it jumps from 5713 to 5716 to 5714. Garagesale crashes every time i try to download the update 6.9.5. Thanks, Kim

Thanks for the screenshots. Can you please check if this version corrects the ordering of the photos:

Thanks again,

Hi, I am sorry i was out of town and just got back…6.9.6b1.dmg fixed it! They are in the same order now. Thank you!!! Kim

Drag and drop from Photos is not working for me. I would love to get a fix for it. They drag and drop fine from within GarageSale however when new pictures show up in Photos, Media is not refreshed unless I quit GarageSale and start it back up again. Is there a trick to that?

this was fixed with the last release but i think apple released a software update which broke it again …can you confirm this garagesale team ?

Are you using the latest beta version? GarageSale 6.9.6b1?

Regards, Kristian

yes and the pictures worked when i listed last week…have not tried in over 10 days. Thanks, Kim

I am not sure who your question was directed to, but I am not using that version. I downloaded but it won’t install. It just gives me an error sound but no error message.

Still not working. The error sound I was getting when I was trying to install the beta version was happening when I was moving the GarageSale icon into my App folder. I decided to try moving it to my Desktop and it installed. Now I wonder if I have multiple versions of this application loaded in different places on my computer.

Anyway, after bringing up the beta version I get the attached error screen when I try to drag and drop images from Photos to GarageSale beta version.

@PRF2000 Sorry, so far our gut feeling is that this is a bug in the Photos itself. Does the problem go away after the first dragged has failed?