How do I specify package dimensions?

Hi Community,

I’m using GS7. Verify Listing is showing the validation error “Package weight is not valid or missing / Please enter valid dimensions”. I can’t see anywhere in the UI that allows me to enter weight and dimensions.

In my eBay profile - I’ve accepted and enabled eBay Business Policies and have created a “Calculated” shipping policy - but in the Shipping popup, there’s no “General” tab as I’ve seen in some online screenshots where you can specify the dimensions.

Any advice on how to enter these details in the GS listing would really help. thanks in advance.

Ok, found it!

In GS Properties Inspector, Clicking on Shipping, then on the Domestic tab the “Package type” is a link with a sub-dialog to specify the package dimensions and weight.

That was a little tricky to find, but I suppose it makes sense. I’ll leave this topic in place in case anyone else is similarly confused.