How should we back up our GS data?

Is there a recommended procedure for backing up our GarageSale templates? How should we prepare?

If the software ‘crashes’, how should we go about recovering the data?

thank you, much appreciated

Hi Robin,

to backup your work use TimeMachine or export your auction templates from time to time.

In addition GarageSale keeps backup of this file from the last 10 runs in the directory
’Backups’. You could try replacing the GarageSale.sqlite file with one of the
files from the Backup directory*.

  • Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian, I appreciate the advice.

Does TimeMachine have copies of all the templates? Export them to where? Somewhere other than ebay? I use TimeMachne and MyPassport. Is that enough?

I tried searching Macintosh HD/Users/Robin/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/ in my computer and in GS. I don’t know how to do this.

Please tell me how to find them.

thank you