How to access eBay notes in GarageSale? I'm not taking about private comments

Hi guys. eBay allows you to add notes to each item listed. I can’t find this field in GarageSale. It’s not private comments, which are kept in GarageSale only, it’s an “official” way to notate your lisitings on eBay and I would like to be able to see and edit them in GarageSale. Please advise, thank you!

Where exactly on eBay do you find that notes field? Can you post a screenshot maybe?

I think this is the note he is asking for. This is where I find it. Ebay makes it terribly difficult to get it.

Yes, this is the one, just like @rlmartin pointed out. I use it a lot on eBay. And yes I agree, it’s not obvious to find and use. But once you add a note you can easily edit it or delete, there are edit/delete icons right next to each note.

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