How to change orignating address on all running items

I sell for my boss’s business, and haven’t used my account for quite awhile - his account is the default.
He is located in Orange County. Until recently, all his listings have shown as shipping from that location.
Somehow, the originating address has shifted to my zip code and city (Los Angeles).
It’s his correct account, just wrong address.
How can I change his address AND
the address on running auctions AND templates AND
keep my correct address on my account?
It looks like if I change it in preferences, both accounts will have the same address, now.

Version 6.9.8b6 (631)

Obviously, we’re able to edit it in eBay, but I need to keep our accounts/locations separate, which they are - they have nothing to do with each other.

I have no idea if my account has been linked to his. I naively jumped in to sell for him and found out too late that might happen.

You can select multiple auction templates in GarageSale 6 by holding down the shift key, or by selecting a group containing multiple items.

If you now change the location setting in the “Advanced Tab” of the inspector, your changes should apply to all the selected auction templates.

Once you have changed your templates to the desired location settings, you have to push your changes to eBay using the “Revise” command. You can do this with any number of listings selected, GarageSale will only pick those that are still running.

Since we don’t have an extra setting for revising only the location settings, you need to revise the complete listing. You’ll have to make sure you didn’t make any local changes to the template in GarageSale, that you don’t want to appear on eBay, prior to to revising.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Ija -

His account is the default. GarageSale is owned by me, so it’s never been an issue - it’s always been my profile information that got uploaded. I just wanted to be sure I understood how to set up and manage the two accounts properly.

I think I’m a confused between Item Locations and eBay account addresses.

So what I’m understanding is: Item Locations are either default or manually entered on templates in GarageSale, and street/business addresses are linked to eBay account profile.

I just need to remember to keep the templates separate, and remember to switch back to my account when uploading my auctions (if his is the default), right?

(Sorry, I couldn’t find this topic in the manual)
Because he relisted some of them himself, I recently did a complete edit/relist of all his items.

What’s the best way to sync simple edits made in ebay back to GarageSale? Should I go ahead and change the templates and Revise the whole auction, as you said - right over the eBay revision? if I make any further changes to my template down the line… it’ll just go back to the wrong Item location again… :wink:

Thanks, ija!


Sorry - I was trying to reply to a different thread on a separate tab.