How to copy GS hosting image URL from the app?

I need to copy GS hosting image URL from GS, without opening listing in eBay > right click on image > open in new page > coping URL each time… Is there a way for this? Right click over images in GS and then storage keys seems to be something else:

listing-image: /obj/GSListingImage/CB7181DE-7BB6-4982-B92C-8B5BB069FF38
library-image: /obj/GSLibraryImage/68E09F4D-5239-4DF7-B718-CA9A1A3F1B94

Thanks for any help

Why would you need this feature?

That is quite complicated to explain… Let’s say I am starting to feel the need to move some of my sales to other platforms (Abebooks and similar) and I can upload images for each item only entering URLs into a specific column of excel file. I am doing this with a very simple separare Filemaker database, that would be great to manage everything from within GS but I think we are still far from this. So, this is why I need to copy GS image hosting URL for every (every…) image…
Let me know if there is a solution for this.

Thank you

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