How to download Garagesale photos?

I was wondering if there was any way to download onto a mac desktop my Garagesale template photos into JPG or similar files.
Thanks !

Drag and drop works for me

Thanks Fededge but that’s not working. I no longer have the original photos and need to duplicate them from Garagesale templates into a standard format such a JPEG’s.

Welcome @tinhuey . Mmmh which version are you using? If I drag and drop images I have into a listing I obtain that .jpg photo…

Version 5.4. If I upgrade do you think I’ll be able to drag the photos out of the templates onto the desktop?

Uhm… 5.4? Do you mean 7.0.5? Or still 6? Sure, with the current version you can do what you need.

No it’s actually 5.4. I haven’t used in a long time and was trying to extract photos from the templates. I’ll try upgrading and see what that does. Thank you so much for taking the time and supplying the information!

Welcome @tinhuey !! Sure upgrade asap, version 5 is Stone Age :grin:

Keep in mind that GarageSale 7 can only migrate libraries from GarageSale 6. If you want to import your GS 5 library in the current version, you have to make a detour and download and migrate GS 6 first.

You can also try to fetch your images from Library/Application Support/GarageSale in your home directory directly.

Ok great, thanks ilja. Is there a charge from version 5 to version 6 and then another charge to go from 6 to 7. Or simply a $20 charge from version 5 to version 7.

You only need the purchase the upgrade to version 7 once if you are going to list something. But you can use version 6 without license for upgrading the library.

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