How to export photos from listings?

I was wondering if there is any trick to export photos from one/more listings at a time. This is something I do very often. If I drag and drop photos from GS’s image gallery, exported photos are resized, small and poor quality. So I right click on each image > open with preview > save > the saved photo is full size and quality. This is very time consuming because I need to do it for each photo. This is why I would like a faster way to do this. GS is a database for me, not only a tool for listings.
I hope to hear good news.

Thank you

I think this is a good idea and I would certainly use this feature.

BTW @fedege96 remember our discussion about Ebay setting the preference ‘Listings stay active when you’re out of stock’. Something I have found useful is:

  1. Ebay has flipped the preference to the above.
  2. Update the SOLD listing from the toolbar
  3. After updating, stop the ;posting
  4. Some time later, the Sold listing will show correctly in GS as SOLD.

Still happens to me every night. Ebay have promised they will fix it - 3 times.

Export the desired listings to disk from the File menu. Control-click the exported file in the Finder and choose “Show Package Contents”.

Hi David,
yes of course I remember. I lost hopes, they also told me a dozen of times they would have fixed this and still happens. Now I ignore the GS icon and every few days (when I remember…), I go in eBay hub > select all listings filtering by “out of stock” > select all listings and close them on eBay. This way, next time GS updates listings, they are correctly showed as sold.

Thanks Ilja for this trick! It works good because I can edit photos and then reimport listings with modified images…

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