How to I get the same Templates that I used in GS6 into GS7?

I just started using GS7. I am creating an eBay listing, but I can’t seem to find out how to get the template / templates that I used in GS6 and use them in GS7. I clicked on the Windows tab at the top of the page in GS7 and selected Show Design Templates. The templates are so small on my screen that I am unable to see which one I use in GS6. Do I select a template from this listing and it will automatically update my eBay listing in GS7. Someone please help. This is getting very frustrating.

Additionally, when is iwascoding going to ADD new/revised instructional videos for GS7. I would have thought a learning tool like that would be a basic item to offer customers.

You can go under the Help Menu - Garage Sale Help, to see their online manual.

Thank you. I figured it out last night. Thanks for your response.


simply open the Design Browser by clicking on the Design button in the toolbar. Please see the help here:

This way you can add/change a listing design.

Regards, Kristian

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