How to reduce Set-up fees

I tried Garagesale 6 some time ago. Now i planned to buy a license for version 7, but before i just downloaded the test version once more. Now I’m trying some features. I noticed the eBay set-up fees. Now on the version 6 it told me what not to do to reduce costs. In this version it just tell me how much it is, but not what made the costs.

When i just use the web interface from eBay, i don’t have any set-up fees. Only have to pay when i sold the item. Now were do i see the cost to reduce those.

Thanks :smiley:

I’m not sure what fees you are talking about. Can you please post a screenshot where read about the eBay set-up fees.

Yes, indeed.
Here it sais 50 cents, but not were they came from.

When i start it it also says Einstellgebüren = Set-up Fees 50 cent.

On version 6 the option casting setup fees where in a different colour. Like here the “Zweite Kategorie” This is missing in version 7, or I am unable to find it.

If you click on the “0,50 €” next to the listing title on the right a small popover window will open. It shows all paid listing options you enabled in your listing.
However, I guess, “0,50 €” are the default Einstellgebühren (without any additional paid options enabled).

Regards, Kristian

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