How to Save a design or template for reuse

Ok, so I’m a little dense or maybe a lot dense. I’m new to garagesale and am having a problem. I figured out almost everything except how to save a design after I have modified it for reuse. I’ve got my store name saved, the logo and the basic layout I want. But I can’t get the slogan or shipping, payment, etc. to save in the design. I am trying to do this in the “Pro: Package” design. Am I try to do something that is impossible, am I missing something easy or do I just through up my hands and say forget it. I am using Garagesale 7 with the version 10.11.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Select one listing you consider as model, then archive > export listing > save in a safe place. That’s a model listing you can import and use whenever you want.

In the sidebar on the right at the top, click PROPERTIES, then you might have to scroll down, you’ll see 1st INFO BOX, enter the title and text, and move on to the next one. When you are done, export to a safe place, but also go into PREFERENCES>EBAY>NEW LISTINGS, and at the bottom is a checkbox that says COPY ALL SETTINGS FROM THIS LISTING. Now every time you make a new listing it will be a copy of your master.

Thank you guys Sooooooooo much. I’m trying to move 1100 to GarageSale and I was getting overwhelmed. You saved my sanity, what little I have left anyway. Again, Thank You So Much

@shuddacat You are welcome!

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