How to show first and second categories' levels in description box?

I remember that @ilja told me some weeks ago that in some way it is possible to show first and second categories’ levels in the specific box of description. I know GS permits to show first level or all levels (1-2-3), but I would like to show only 1 and 2. I insert a screenshot of how it is now. How can I do this?
I really hope you could help me!

Thank you

Here is a rough snippet to shows how to do this:

[[foreach category item.storeCategories primaryCategoryLoop]] 
    [[foreach subcategory category.subcategories subCategoryLoop]] 
   [[endforeach subCategoryLoop]]
[[endforeach primaryCategoryLoop]]

Mmmh that’s interesting, but where do I have to put it?

Switch to Editor mode. Put into the Description box at the place you want your category list to appear. This is just a rough version, it won’t insert links. Make sure you have read the introduction to GarageSale’s template language:

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