How to sort active auctions / Smart Listing Groups

I need a smart listing group that will show all ACTIVE listings for one of my accounts.

I can select the seller account but the only options under status are ‘show items with bids’, or ‘items without bids’. How about both ? Is there no way to create a smart group just showing all my active listings whether they have bids or not ?

Also, is there not a way to search these forums ? It would definitely help viewing other people’s questions on the same topics.

Top line of the page towards the right, click the magnifying button for searches.

When setting up a smart group you can add multiple rules. You can select “active item with bids” and “active item without bids” in addition.
However, there might come simplified “global listing state” rules for smart groups in on of the next versions of GarageSale. (prepared, active, ended)

Regards, Kristian

but if i select a filter to show items with bids AND without bids, it won’t show any, right ?
since no auction will have both statuses


Yes, right now you need to setup two smart groups.

That’s why we are adding a new “global state” rule, where you can select “active” to cover all listings, with GarageSale 8.1.

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when will that be out ?


True, but shouldn’t selecting “One of the following are true” do the trick?

Regards, Kristian

I use a smart group with ANY of the following conditions true:

  • status is Running Without Bids or Sales
  • status is Running With Bids or Sales

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