How to take pictures directly from camera

I connect my canon t3 to my Mac n I put import from camera then i see my canon there but i can’t selected :cold_sweat:

Are you just trying to get the photos onto your Mac straight from the camera, or are you trying to use the photos directly in GS7 with no steps in-between?

In the past with our Nikon, we’ve used Sofortbild to connect the camera to the Mac and control it from there with photos being imported directly into the Photos app.

However, it should be even simpler with a Canon camera. The EOS Utility app is suppose to pair the camera and Mac together. …

"If you have the right software, the setup is remarkably easy. Canon, for example, includes its EOS Utility with DSLRs, which is a terrific application for remote control photography. Just connect your Canon DSLR via its USB cable, launch EOS Utility, and choose Camera Settings/Remote Shooting. Click on the Remote Live View Shooting button, and you’re seeing the world through your camera’s lens on your Mac display.

You can also change many of your camera’s settings, such as exposure compensation, white balance, and ISO, using the control window on your Mac. Once you take a picture via the virtual shutter release button, the image re-appears on your Mac for review. You have the option of saving the files to your Mac, or to both your Mac and the camera’s memory card, creating an instant backup for every shot recorded."

I think this only works if the camera’s memory card gets mounted on your Mac. Maybe your camera doesn’t support this feature.
In this case a card reader might work better for you.

Regards, Kristian

Do images from your camera import when you open Apple’s “Image Capture” utility?

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