HTTPS and Active Content Situation

Is this what you mean, just add the s to http in this footer? a href=“” target="_blank">GarageSale</div

This is what I was told needs to be changed:

When I changed all three of the above, my listing was compliant. HOWEVER, I am using the newest version of Garage Sale and none of my new listings were compliant. Why not?

Yes, the little default paragraph has 3 links (on mine). Once I changed them the errors disappeared.

That’s an old version of the GarageSale footer. The new footer looks different and uses other code.
If you’re sure you’re already using GarageSale 7.0.9 you probably altered the default footer in the past. You might want to reset it then.
In GarageSale 7.0.8 the default footer is already https compliant.

Regards, Kristian

The easiest way to get the default footer back is:

  1. Open the preferences
  2. Click on “Edit…”
  3. Click on “Restore Default” and “OK”


Yes, I am using 7.0.9, and my new listings are not compliant. There is no way that I would have changed the footer as I am not at all savvy with coding.

Please post or send me a link so we can have a closer look at your listing.

Regards, Kristian

Here is an item I uploaded Last Saturday, and the garage sale logo still has http instead of https.

I had a look at the source code of your listing:

  1. For some reason you’re using the old GarageSale footer at the bottom. Please follow Paul’s instructions to get the default (eBay compliant) footer back: HTTPS and Active Content Situation
  2. You started the listing with GarageSale 7.0.8. Please download GarageSale 7.0.9beta and revise the listing.
    Download link:

Regards, Kristian

But in this thread you said: If you’re already using GarageSale 7.0.8 the next time you start a new listing it will contain secure HTTPS content only (unless you inserted own HTTP content in your description). I do not like using beta if I can help it. I am taking the footer out of all further auctions. Thanks.

Yes, but (as we already mentioned) you seem to use a footer that is not the default, the original one from GarageSale 7. Instead you’re using a footer from GS6. Please just “reset” the footer so you get the latest, default and eBay compliant footer:

Regards, Kristian

Hi! I have one remaining issue to be compliant with ebay’s new policy regarding https. I use an off-site server to host my images. I have changed the GarageSale preferences so the URLs for images brought in from the server start with https. That is working fine for all new listings. However, the address for images in auctions that are relisted still start with http. I have to go to the listing in my browser and revise the auction there to change the address for the images from http to https. Is there any way to make this happen within GarageSale?


Does this happen with GarageSale 7.0.9, too?
Also, do you make a “relist without changes” or relist with all changes"?

Regards, Kristian

I’m using 7.0.8 (804) (I avoid beta versions.)

And I relist with all changes.



Any chance that you could send us your current footer HTML from GarageSale’s General preferences > ‘Edit’ button. Please copy your footer HTML into a text file and attach it to your post, to prevent this forum to mess up your HTML.


The text file you requested is attached.

I don’t think the footer code has anything to do with my problem. The issue has to do with the URLs for the images of the items being auctioned.



In that case you have to wait until 7.0.9 final ships. Hopefully, it will be this week.

is GS 7.0.9b6 the latest version? I revised all of my ebay listings, replacing http with https and then I created some new listings today on GS 7.0.8 and then checked my latest listings only to find that I had to revise them also, even though last week I was told by iwascoding that all new listings would be correct with https. I don’t buy my templates, I use the free ones within GS, I’ve never gone to the store to buy any (I’ve read where people are being advised to go to the store and redownload templates, does this also include the free templates that aren’t in the store?).

If I use the latest version of GS will my new listings be correct? or will I have to continue revising everything that I list via GS?

Thankfully it’s easy to revise in bulk via ebay, selecting the edit in bulk - find and replace option. Just thought that any new listings I created would be OK.

GarageSale 7.0.9 is the latest version. It’s available through the built-in updater.

That’s correct, GarageSale 7.0.8 and higher only insert https content. However, you maybe started listings that you “imported from My eBay”.
To make sure there’re no additional links or http content in your item description you can use the “Repair Image Links” command from the “Listing” menu. This command is especially useful if you imported listings from “My eBay”, which contain image links and http image URLs in the description.
(How to make your listings ready for eBay’s new policies (https, links, active content))

Yes, but you should check if there’s non-compliant content in your listing, e.g. item description. For further details, plaese check the link above.

Revising through the eBay website shouldn’t be necessary, if you use the latest GarageSale version and make sure taht you don’t use non-compliant content.

Regards, Kristian