HTTPS and Active Content Situation

That’s correct, buy you can use https links to get to a store. They get redirected to plain https links by eBay when opened.

We also updated our server. Once you restart GarageSale, it should use an https: link to our store in the footer. Hope that helps.

Sorry Ilja.
I tried with and without the footer by restarting GS every time. The problem is the same : listing isn’t secure. It’s always the link to the ebay store that is not in https.

In the description on Ebay, the problem is only here.

> <!-- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: store header :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: -->
> <div id="gs-storeHeader">
> <div id="gs-storeInfoBoxLinks"><div id="gs-storeInfoBoxLinks2">
> </div><a href="" title="visit store home" id="gs-homebutton" target="_blank"></a>
> </div>
> <div class="gs-storeNameSlogan">
> <!---->
> <div class="gs-storeSlogan"></div>
> </div>
> </div>

Ok, now I understand. I thought the problem was our own store link in the footer, but it’s the link to your own store that’s causing the problem.

Here is a hot fix version that should address the problem:

Let me know how it works for you!

Thanks Ilja.
I tried it immediatly and it’s ok.
I revised a list and check before and after revise. The second time, it was ok. The list is secure.
It’s the 7.0.8 version, it’s normal ?
Thanks very very much.

Good to know.!

Just ignore the version number for now. We will release a 7.0.10 Beta version soon, which contains this fix and should be easier to distinguish.

Ok Ilja.
Good job and thanks for your help.
It’s a pleasure to contact your support.

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Thank you Ilja & Jean-Luc, it finally works :slight_smile:

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How do you revise in 6.6.6… not everyone can use or has a brand new computer and operating system. You never address this.

Solutions for 6x versions please.

You will probably have to use Youtube. I switched over to youtube and stuck with it for years for the same purpose… for sound clips. Initially I did it because soundcloud is dodgy on some computers and takes alot of system resources to play for some reason. I know you probably have tons of clips already upp’ed to soundcloud so that is a bummer . We are living with technology that keeps bloating, I assumed by now things would be streamlined and efficient but that’s far from the reality. No one keeps simple standards and I’m dismayed with GS for forcing us to upgrade all the time and the basic program losing functionality. Planned Obsolescence.

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