HTTPS Garage Sale 7.0.9 GS Image Server Still Non Compliant


Ok, I have purchased/updated to 7.0.9, all of my old listings were merged. I use GS free picture service. I just started my 4500 listings, ALL of them are non compliant for HTTPS. I went in and tried to repair image link through the listings link and no repair was made. How do I make them compliant? Please give me simple steps. thanks


I think it might be same problem…


it is not a purchased design, i think it is spotlight in the free designs. do i have to do this for all of my 4500 auctions 1 at a time?


Since I could not figure out how to fix this win garage sale, i bulk edited the item description through eBay. How do I make these corrections “transfer” to the listings in my garage sale program. I don’t want to have to revise/edit my listings in Ebay after they are listed each time. Currently I am running 4600 listings. thanks


@antiquehokie did you try to follow Kristian’s instruction given in that linked thread? Open the template page in window in top menu bar and then click the button to update your template. I don’t know if this is the problem, but your situation seems identical to mine, so… give a try and see, then wait for further help…


No, updating a template to the last version, automatically change for all listings. Then of course you have to manually revise them, if you don’t have 30-days-listings with automatic relisting with change…


Yes, i did but since this is not a purchased template, and “update template” tab does not open. Should I just change to a different free design template and then revise all of my listings?


I think it’s better if you wait for other support. Are you sure that you are revising all listing and not only some feature? Open the window of revise and make sure you are revising “entire listing”…


Earlier today I edited all of my running listings on eBay (4600) through bays bulk editing by editing the item description replacing HTTP with HTTPS. They had all been flagged by i-ways as being non compliant. I then rani ways and they were all compliant. I tested garage sale by updating all my listing in garage sale program. I then picked 1 listing and revised the entire listing with a new template. I picked another listing and revised the entire listing with NO template. BOTH of these listing showed as non compliant when i reran the iways programs. How can the listings be fixed in Garage Sale. I should not have to bulk edit my listing in Ebay.


Just wait for support that should arrive tomorrow. Anyway, forget to revise listing from ebay and do it only from GS. Your problem will be solved, but revising from ebay always gives further troubles… at least, I always had when I did so…


This is what is showing up as the problem. Apparently, is is the footer that is the problem. you can see the http://stores half way down. please fix this.

url( no-repeat center center scroll; clear: both; margin-top: 15px; -webkit-filter: blur(0px);" id=“gs-garageSaleBadge”>Created with GarageSale


This problem should be fixed in the current release, otherwise press cmd+; then in general open the footer and add a S

Then you have revise listing from GS, If you use GTC listings…


If changes were made by the “Repair Images” command to your listings, you have to use the “Revise command” to push those changes to eBay. Detailed explanation is here:


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