HTTPS Questions: Pro Compact Designs & Editing HTTP Links

Getting the same message as other sellers regarding updating eBay listings for Chrome.

I have two questions:

  1. Kristian responds to one of the threads by stating that we need to RE-DOWNLOAD OUR DESIGNS from the design store. I Purchased the PRO COMPACT design for both of my listing computers, and when going to the design store I see no link for re-downloadling the PRO COMPACT design, just the checkout screen to repurchase the design template. Where can we find the re-download link?

  2. My listing issues appear to be stemming from the fact that I link to our eBay store from within our listings. can I just add “https” instead of “http” to fix this? I realize I’m not going to EVEN TRY to fix the thousands of live listings on our account but I’d like to move forward by having this fixed for ALL future listings. I still want to link to the eBay store and its relevant categories as I KNOW that that improves sales, so currently is there a fix for this?



Simply select “Show Design Templates” (Window menu), click on the cart icon in the toolbar and enter the transaction ID to re-download your design(s).

You still can use Links with “http”. Linking to your eBay store or categories using http shouldn’t cause any trouble. You just shouldn’t use HTTP content like “http” image URLs any longer.
However, to answer your question: In theory you can change your link from http to https as long as the server supports it! So you better test it first!

Regards, Kristian

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