I have a BIG problem - please help

I have a big problem and it is so strange I hope you will understand, please tell me if it is from my description or from eBay, in this last case I am sure they won’t find a solution, but it is quite annoying… and embarrassing, so I will contact them, but in my opinion the problem is inside description made with GS…
Well, let’s stars saying that since some weeks I noticed that for SOME listings (not ALL sellers and not all seller’s listings, at least for me) eBay added a new feature using the app: a sort of little preview of description. I give you same examples:

  1. this is how it was before:

  1. preview that takes first and last lines in description (seller does not use any tool for listing):

  1. preview that takes random lines (seller must use some tools to list):

  1. I took some english sellers, they all seems to have right working previews, but there are some italians seller that do not have preview

  2. finally there is me!!! with previews that suck and identify nothing at all, there is NO words from my descriptions and they are totally embarrassing. Please read:

These are only some examples. I checked a huge number and I noticed that only the last 7-10 listings started shows this totally wrong preview, all others do not have any preview… with wrong I mean they do not concern my description at all!!! Where is the problem? I suppose from the template, eBay previewer takes random phrases and somewhere there are this terrible adds. I am worried especially for some of the, like the one with “go bang” or “is it all over my face”, they are extremely embarrassing and dangerous for me.
I hope you will help me as soon as possible, I cannot allow something like this…



unfortunately, only eBay knows how they generate the “description preview” but as far as I know their “product informations” and “item details” (item specifics) can be part of it, too. So maybe that explains it?

If not, maybe eBay.it is currently working on that description preview and makes some changes? I don’t know.
It’s worth a try to ask their support.

Regards, Kristian

Hello @kristian,
thank you for your reply, but those previews do not concern my product informations" and “item details” (item specifics) at all, and any other part of description… I will ask them but I know they won’t solve my matter.
What’s stange is that these previews disappear after some time, now I have no preview at all, but if I start a new listing, it will have those embarrassing phrases…

@kristian the situation is getting worst…

There is no one in italian!! They are all english or german, and all my listings are all italian… please tell me at least how can I report this problem to ebay in a proper and useful way, because I do not want to receive the usual useless reply that do not concern at all my request… it’s not easy because I can not add any image in messages…

As far as I can tell the descriptions are completely unrelated to your items, correct? Could it be that this is a bug in the eBay mobile app you are running into? Have you tried looking at your items in mobile Safari?

Hello @ilja ,
yes, totally different, no one concern my items!!! I don’t know, eBay released a new version some days ago but the bug is still there… I will try through safari but I think that the preview is only visibile using the app. I will let you know…

Maybe you can reach out to eBay’s mobile team via twitter @eBayMobile and point them to this thread?

Ah interesting this, I will try!! Thank you!!

P.S. @ilja I sent you a message…

Seems eBay is taking care of the problem:

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I apologize for late reply but I was away… @ilja thank you so much :top: !!! Women skirt :joy:?? Dear, I did not translate it… of course I will inform you as soon as I list some new items, probably tomorrow since I am just returned…

Thank you for super help!!

@ilja I made different listings, new and relisted and tried different views, the problem seems to be disappeared. Now I have no previews at all, but that’s better instead of german women skirt :sweat_smile:… thank you very much for support!!!